Some favorite turkey Thanksgiving recipes are: grilled turkey brat hoagies, turkey chili, turkey breast Diane, turkey enchiladas, garlic roasted turkey, ginger lime turkey strips, seasoned turkey with rice pilaf, turkey sausage with pasta, turkey bratwurst kabobs, turkey lasagna, turkey meatloaf, turkey parmesan, turkey sausage, turkey scaloppini, stir fried turkey with cashews and walnuts, grilled southwestern Bratwurst, turkey pizza, turkey burgers and so on. Turkeys are especially associated with Thanksgiving. It is a very important part of the Thanksgiving menu. Thanksgiving Day is also known as Turkey Day. Turkeys are generally 25-35 pounds in weight. Turkeys can be bought fresh or frozen. Birds that have smooth, soft and creamy skin without any bruises or cuts are generally healthy. Fresh turkey should[…]